What Is Pmc Contract

The increasing complexity of international construction projects and the state of the engineering market are the reasons for the change in priorities and the withdrawal of the EPC contract, as there are relatively few qualified EPC contractors. That`s why investors and entrepreneurs are looking for new ways of working. Complex project management and EPCM contracts are one such tool. In some cases, the engineering firm designated as PMC may also act as an EPC, but these roles are performed under different contracts. The creation of a project management department within the EPC contractor`s company often only creates the illusion of an effective management model and leads to increased risks in the implementation of the project. A PMC contract, unlike the EPC contract, is only a service contract. The EPCM contractor generally does not assume full responsibility for the preparation of the implemented object on a predetermined date (therefore, EPCM contracts rarely set the terms of payment in the event of non-compliance with project deadlines). The EPCM Contractor also assumes no responsibility for the quality of the construction work or the total cost of the project to the Client. However, the contract is often subject to promotional conditions and the material incentive of the EPCM contractor to reduce costs, meet deadlines, etc. As a result, the area of responsibility of the contractor relates to the non-compliance with his agreed obligations: The list of possible components of the activities of the PMC contractor under the contract: the second variant of such a model is the infusion of individual specialists or a complex team finished directly in the staff for a period specified in the contract.

The company that has received a PMC contract represents the client`s interests when executing the entire project (or part of it) directly on behalf of the client. Examples of customer functions in certain areas are preparation of documentation and participation in tenders, preparation of a feasibility study, optimization of process solutions of existing design documentation and technical support of projects. In the case of technical assistance, the client independently selects the contractors-executors, and the functions of the regulator of relations with and between them are entrusted to the management company. PMC or PMS refers to the function of design offices mandated as consultants. The main difference between EPC and EPCM is that an EPCM contractor provides services (including engineering), but only as an intermediary in project construction contracts. The EPCM Contractor acts as the authorized representative of the Customer and acts on behalf of the Customer and acts on direct contracts between the Customer on the one hand and suppliers, specialized contractors, on the other hand. Any contract with the supplier is a direct contract between the customer and the company that provides special services or with the seller. This method of customer project implementation must have a large and experienced team to help the EPCM contractor manage these contracts.

The data provided by this department is often unreliable because it is in line with the interests of the EPC contractor rather than that of the investor. Despite the fact that the most important function of the contractor in EPCM is the control of the performance of its obligations by the other contractors, the client must also supervise the performance of the obligations of the other contractors because of the way in which the responsibilities are divided between the parties, which is characteristic of EPCM. With respect to all issues in the contracts between the trade contractors and the client, the responsibility ultimately lies with the client. This includes, for example, issues such as a contractor`s reliance on someone else`s work, claims for compensation due to delays and damages, requests for additional funding, and postponement to a later date. Although the EPCM contractor must assist the client in settling any claim, it is not a party to any dispute between the client and the trade contractors. The PMC Contractor can exercise control in the following areas: This consultant assists oil, gas and petrochemical companies in monitoring the proper execution of contracts awarded to contractors for the engineering, procurement and construction of a project. The EPC contractor is fully responsible for the execution time of the project within the budget. The EPC contractor structure includes a project management unit, but it does not completely eliminate all risks. An investor can enter into a PMC contract with a third-party organization to oversee the performance of an EPC contract and prevent its implementation from failing. If the investor is not interested in integrated project management and, for example, is interested in a number of services in the field of design, he concludes (PMD contract) to guide a certain direction.

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